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Yiyi is a really special film that came out in 2000 directed by Edward Yang. It takes place in Taiwan and is focused on three members of a family, taking turns following around their perspective on events happening in their daily life.

I really connected with the youngest character in the film, Yang-Yang. He would say all these abstract things, that made him come off maybe a little slow or insensitive, but over time when you realized why he was asking certain questions or why he was opposed to doing certain activities, you learn that this little man is actually such a sage.


Alamar is about Natan, 5 year old boy who is moving to Italy with his mother after she and his father ended their relationship. This film follows Natan and his father on their last summer together. 

Whenever I watch a film, I always do a little research about it afterward and I read that this was filmed and “directed” by a team of two people! I’m so impressed, as this was such a beautiful and real film. While some scenes were staged, the story and the characters are all real.  



My friend recommended me to watch a documentary about formula 1 racer Ayrton Senna. Over the past week or so I have discovered how interested in formula 1 racing I actually am, as I have been obsessively watching interviews and clips on Lewis Hamilton. 

This is such a good documentary because you really get a feel of the sport and a feel of who Senna was as a person. How sensitive he was and how driven and passionate he was about the sport. It's one of the best documentaries I have ever watched and the soundtrack is just incredible. 


A friend of mine recommended this film to me over the holiday and I barely found the time to watch it a few days ago. I can honestly say that I didn't really understand what was going on when I watched the trailer, I just know that I value my friend's taste and that the movie looked like it was shot beautifully so I decided to give it a chance. It's about a plastic surgeon whose wife gets in a car crash and burns. He becomes obsessed with cultivating the perfect skin in which he could've saved her. BUT THERE'S SO MUCH MORE TO IT!!! It's really interesting as it is eery and strange. I suggest if you have a little bit of time on a Friday or Saturday night to indulge in it. 

Directed by: Pedro Almodóva


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One of dear friends, Ingrid, had suggested me to watch this movie about a year and a half ago. I finally signed up for this new movie platform, Filmstruck and saw that it was on and watched Not only this is movie gorgeously shot, the actors, the score, the set design, the story line....everything, was perfect. Everything was exactly what it needed to be. I was in visual overload watching it. 

The movie takes place in Hong Kong in 1962 directed by Wong Kar-Wai and it's about  two people Chow and Su that move in next door to each other. Throughout the movie they start to realize that they are often alone while both of their spouses are always working overtime. They find refuge in each other and develop a unique friendship, which for the that time period is pretty taboo for a woman and a man to be friends. I am not going to say anymore about the movie, because I don't want to give it away, but understand me when I say that this is a movie worth watching.