Life can be rough. Things happen out of our control and throws us off balance.  Thinking too much about things we can’t change can really take a toll on us too. Through it all, I feel as though it is important to never lose sight of ourselves. It is so dangerous how easy to lose ourselves to the chaos of life. 

Here are a few things that really bring me back to me: 

1. Taking a long hot bath or shower  

2. Put lotion on in the sun while listening to Classic Cuts

3. Tuck myself away for hours to watch a film (no phone) 

4. Take myself out on a date.  

5. Write it out

6. Drive to the beach & watch the waves fold & unfold

7. Call my mom  

8. Have a dance party for 1 in my bedroom

9. Read

10. Cry it out  

anavictoria ramirez

Gael Garcia Bernal & Diego Luna talking about Y Tu Mamá También

anavictoria ramirez

 “We are alone. No matter what they tell you, we women are always alone.”

- Roma (2018) dir. Alfonso Cuarón

anavictoria ramirez