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Yesterday, my friend blessed me with sending me the link to this really fucking inspiring short film. In a time full of trash, this body of work is an amazing reminder that its so important now than ever to fight through the fast fashion, over saturated, stolen- non-original imagery and to keep your vision pure.

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Musicanavictoria ramirez

This song took my breath away. Everything stops when I listen to it. It is one of the most beautiful songs I have heard this year.

Musicanavictoria ramirez

I share a playlist on spotify with a friend and he added a song by Nils Frahm that I became absolutely obsessed with. The song is called “Them”. Ever since, I’ve become a fan of him. I came across the youtube channel LATE NIGHT TALES where they featured him and he curated a playlist of songs which just really hit right. So I decided to pass it along, maybe it’ll hit you right too <3