Leonor Fini


Leonor Fini was the embodiment of surrealism. She was an extremely talented painter but the way she lived her life WAS surrealism. She had a really interesting up bringing. She was born on August 13, 1907 in Buenos Aires, Argentina to an Argentine father and Italian mother. Shortly after she was born her mother and father had a horrific breakup and her mother kidnapped her and took her back to Italy. She spent most of her early childhood being dressed up as a boy because her father was actively looking for her to get brought back to Argentina. She wasn’t the best student and got kicked out of school. Her mother noticed she was interested in painting and encouraged her to hone in on her skill. When she was a teenager both her eyes got infected and she had to wear a bandage over her eyes for a few months. That is when she started to see all her *surrealist* visions.  She moved to Paris in her earlier twenties, joined the surrealist movement then dropped out because she didn’t want to adhere to the rules Andre Breton had made. So she went rogue and did not identify herself with the party, although she was the very embodiment of the movement. She lived for her painting and had many many lovers. Toward the end of her life she lived in a building with some of her old and new lovers and they would all go on vacations together. The press labeled her men as “The Republic of Leonor”. She was also a cat lady and had about 25 cats that she let roam free and when any of those cats got sick she fell into a deep deep depression. 

Leonor Fini is one of the most interesting women I have ever learned about. She was so forward and free and way before her time, as most artists are.  

anavictoria ramirez