Mariah Carey has played a huge role in my life. There's that scene in Rush Hour where right before the little girl gets abducted shes singing her heart out to "Fantasy" - thats me. My older brother and sister dubbed me SOO-YUNG!

Anyway! It's Valentine's day and these three song titles are basically dedicated to three different types of lovers on this love day.

CRYBABY - the woman who is maybe going through unrequited love / heartbreak. 

HEARTBREAKER - *although the Mariah song is talkin about her man being a heartbreaker....this tee is about the ladies.* The woman that is out and about doing her own thang....a savage. Not worried about nobody but herself and excuse her if you catch feelings but thats just not where shes at right now. 


LOVERGIRL - Same as above, Mariah is singing about some loverman...but this tee is dedicated to the women who just fuckin love. The dreamers who have romance oozing out them <3 

anavictoria ramirez