Red is a colour associated with love, passion, desire, lust, sensitivity, romance, strength, joy, rage, vibrance and so on. IT'S STRONG. Everything a woman is. So with that being said, it had to be the main event of the shoot. I am excited to share with you guys our first installment of our vintage '1 of 1 Tings' collection with our Cherry Baby silk 2 piece set and the Petal jumper. This small capsule has two pieces I designed as well, the S.Cross Mesh Dress and our La Reina cape in red mesh. I hand made the tassel chokers and they are an absolute necessity. I wanted to put together a shoot that payed homage to my favorite month of the year with colour red being the main feature.

 Once again shot by the thee most romantically talented photographer  Pavielle Garcia, art directed and styled by me, AnaVictoria Ramirez, photo assistant, Christine Poon and modeled by the goddess who is Scarlett Costello. I hope you lovelies enjoy!